With the Wilo Assistant, WILO SE has provided all building services specialist partners with a new consultation and consulting guide. A well-rounded package of functions and information quickly provides answers, solutions and recommendations about the wide range of topics surrounding circulation pumps. The app not only supports all specialist partners with day-to-day problems, but also provides important arguments which can be used during customer consultation.

Home page:
The following are located on the app home page
  • Wilo pumps replacement guide
  • The new Wilo short catalogue, which by clicking on the product image (it is possible to scroll right/left) immediately displays the corresponding catalogue description after selecting the desired series
  • The Wilo news ticker with current news for specialist partners
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Wilo logo:

The Wilo logo has a "Home" function, via which the home page can be accessed at any time.

Menu button (top right):

This button can be used in any application scenario to access the overview menu which enables fast access to all functions and information.

The menu consists of several levels that contain functions and information arranged according to topic area.


Replacement guide:

Interactive replacement guide for heating and domestic hot water pumps: simply enter the name of the pump to be replaced and you will be provided with a recommendation of the suitable, high-efficiency Wilo replacement pump. This service can be used to find replacements for thousands of commercially available pumps manufactured in 1975 or later.

Savings calculator:

The savings calculator provides information about the potential savings in terms of energy costs and CO2 emissions by comparing implementation of a modern Wilo high-efficiency pump with that of an old heating pump without speed control.

The potential energy cost savings and reduction of CO2 emissions can be calculated by defining the utilisation area to be heated, or by defining the power consumption of the old pump without speed control (see P1 value in W on the rating plate).

The local electricity rates and the annual inflation rate can be simply set via a selection wheel. In order to calculate the potential savings in terms of CO2 emissions, country-specific CO2 emission values per kWh are used, Germany for example 0.575 kg CO2/kWh.

Calculation with defined power consumption:
The electricity cost of old heating pumps without speed control is calculated by multiplying the power consumption of 6000 operating hours per year by a correction factor of 0.7 for the load profile and by the selected electricity rate.

The electricity cost of new Wilo high-efficiency pumps is calculated multiplying the power consumption according to the operating status of the Blauer Engel load profile at 6000 operating hours per year and by the selected electricity rate. The difference from both calculations equals the annual savings.

Calculation with defined heated living area:

The calculation is based on a comparison between the high-efficiency pump Wilo-Stratos PICO 25/1-6 and an old heating pump without speed control Wilo-Star-RS 25/70r.

These are estimated average values for a 3-bedroomed property and are thus only points of reference which can not substitute for an exact calculation of electricity savings potential for a heating pump.

For a more precise analysis and for larger installations with a heated utilization area of more than 170 m² or for older heating pumps with a power consumption P1 >180 W, Wilo provides the Wilo-LCC-Check online (http://lcc-check.wilo.com). With the Wilo-LCC-Check, all it takes is three simple steps to receive a system-specific calculation and persuasive documentation for the decision-maker.

Pump dimensioning:

According to the pump duty point specified (volume flow Q in m³/h and delivery head H in m), the Wilo server performs the pump dimensioning calculations and recommends the appropriate Wilo pump in a matter of seconds.


The smartphone's or tablet PC's LED lights up. If there is no LED, the display lights up.

Unit converter:

Here you can convert the most important physical units. Select the respective units using the selection wheel and enter the desired output or target value and the conversion result is displayed immediately.

Piping calculator

The piping calculator can be used to determine the differential pressures for existing or planned pipes based on their flow. The volume flow can either be entered directly for this or calculated via the spread and the corresponding power.
Based on this data, a pipe with a flow rate of less than 0.5 metres per second is proposed and preselected. A different pipe can be selected at any time as required. The resistances in the pipe can be entered as a default using zeta values and/or a Cv value. The differential pressures that result from the pipe, the pipe length and the resistance entered is shown and totalled up.

Zeta value

The zeta value is a key figure without a unit and is used to calculate the pressure losses in individual resistances at different flow rates.
When determining zeta values, a certain flow rate is used for the relevant pipe types as the basis.
Calculation formula
Z = ζ ⋅ ρ/2 ⋅ v²

Ζ = pressure loss
ζ = zeta value
ρ = density
v = flow rate

Cv value
The Cv value is also known as the flow factor or flow coefficient. It is a dimension for the attainable throughput of a fluid (or gas). The Cv value represents the water flow through a valve (in m³/h) at a pressure difference of 1 bar (precisely 0.98 bar) and a water temperature of 5°C – 40°C.

Fault signal assistant:

The "Fault signal assistant" tool contains fundamental information on possible fault signals that may be shown on the display of certain Wilo pumps. With some fault signals, the tool specifies the cause of the fault, describes the error and specifies possible remedies, in addition to basic information.

Product information:

Glandless pump short catalogue:
After selecting the application e.g.: heating or domestic hot water, the corresponding catalogue description is displayed immediately after selecting the desired series.

Pump search for glandless pumps

Entering the product designation or article number for a Wilo glandless pump takes you directly to the relevant catalogue description.


You are forwarded to the Wilo website.

Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks for your daily work routine greatly contribute to service quality and secure satisfied customers. The following documents are available to download:

Tips and tricks "Heating"

Optimisation of heating systems

Professional installation and maintenance of a heating system
- saves energy costs in the long-term
- ensures noiseless and easy-to-use operation
- increases operating reliability during the heating period.

Tips and tricks "SHW"

Optimisation of domestic hot water circulation systems:
The objective of professional installation and maintenance of a domestic hot water circulation system is securing the water quality for human consumption. Moreover it guarantees,

- long-term energy savings
- an increase in noiseless operation
- an increase in operating reliability.

Tips and tricks "The best way to sell your knowledge"

You are technically competent and offer fair prices. You want to get away from dumping offers and price discussions? You would like financially sound customers who value your work accordingly?

Impress your customers! Make your mark and rise above the rest. Let your actions make you stand out from the crowd. Convince your customers with service which they perceive as added-value. In "Tip and tricks The best way to sell your knowledge" you will find ways to win your customers' trust.

Pump manual (Pump technology consulting manual)

The pump manual is knowledge base for all aspects of pump technology. Simple, explanatory sentences, with drawings and examples provides a sufficient basis for implementation in practice. Selecting and proper use of pumps become part of your daily routine.

AR Scanner:

AR steht für Augmented Reality („Erweiterte Realität"") und bietet die Möglichkeit der Verbindung von realer und digitaler Welt. Mit dem AR Scanner können Sie zu verschiedenen Themen zusätzliche Informationen entdecken.
Diese Inhalte sind mit einem Icon markiert, zum Beispiel in Broschüren und Katalogen. Starten Sie dazu den AR Scanner und richten Sie die Kamera Ihres Smartphones oder Tablets auf den zu scannenden Inhalt aus. Sobald der Inhalt erkannt worden ist, zeigt Ihnen das AR Scanner Tool interessante Informationen an, wie Videos und Produktinformationen.
Tippen Sie auf die Informationen und vergrößern Sie den Inhalt und betrachten Sie ihn im Vollbildmodus.

QR Reader:

Mit dem QR-Code-Reader können sie einfach QR-Codes scannen und die dahinterliegenden Informationen (z.B. Internetseiten, Kontaktdaten, ...) aufrufen oder bei Bedarf speichern. QR steht für 'Quick Response', also 'schnelle Antwort'.

Starten Sie dazu das Tool und richten Sie die Kamera Ihres Smartphones oder Tablets auf den QR-Code aus. Sobald der QR-Code erkannt worden ist, zeigt Ihnen die App an, welche Informationen sich dahinter verbergen. Dies können zum Beispiel die Adressen von Internetseiten oder Visitenkarten sein. Mit einem Klick auf die Informationen öffnen Sie die Internetseite, Visitenkarte, etc.


News ticker

Here you can find up-to-date information on different specialist topics.

Online archive

You are forwarded to the online archive of the Wilo website.


Sales office contact

Contact data to get in touch quickly with your contact at Wilo.

Expert team contact

The Wilo app is naturally not able to answer all your questions. This is why the Wilo expert team is only a click away to provide further answers.

Works customer service contact

Our specialists are there for you, they listen to you and help you to achieve the best possible operational reliability. The high standard of quality sets standards in the market here.